iTAD “Feel the Display” was inaugurated

iTAD (Interactive Touch Active Display), Feel the Display, was inaugurated in Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum (VITM) in Bengaluru on 29th Dec 2023 by Executive Director of BEL and Director of VITM.

iTAD the Feel Dsiplay

This is a technology developed and patented by IIT Madras XTIC (Experiential Technology Innovation Center) specializing in AR/VR/MR and Haptics.

This technology is patented and being translated for immediate applications. The technology behind the iTAD is the concept of “Electroadhesion”, creating adhesion of finger tips using computer programs. When a high voltage and very low current is passed through certain materials, it attracts fingertips and therefore we “Feel” the images. This is the science behind technology.

The engineering behind the technology involves two levels: Hardware and Software.

  1. Hardware
    Engineering challenge is to find the right material that generates enough electroadhesion that attracts finger tips.
  2. Software
    Software challenge is to write computer programs or algorithms to modulate the electroadhesion depending on an image seen on the computer screen.

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