Consortium for Augmented and Virtual reality (VR/AR/MR) Engineering (CAVE)

The Consortium for VR/AR/MR Engineering Mission in India (CAVE), is an India Specific group of academia, industries, startups, government bodies, at the IIT Madras.

CAVE is the first consortium in India for XR Innovations, for Indian Academia and Industries.

The CAVE’s Engineering Mission is to promote engineering of XR technology development, not just using XR, and adoption of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality globally, particularly in India, with best practices, dialogue with all stakeholders, government policy makers, and research institutions. The CAVE is a resource for industry, academia, consumers, and policymakers interested in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality.

The main objective of this consortium is to enable members to create new advanced technologies and applications in XR together. Our research collaboration is with industrial sponsors and participants from industry, academia, and government.

CAVE is a part of a bigger vision of the XTIC in which we aim to make India as the XR Corridor for the world. Similar to the phrase “India is the IT corridor of the world”, XTIC and CAVE aim to realize “India as the XR Corridor of the world” by 2040. More details at


  • Industries
  • Startups
  • Medium Scale Enterprises
  • Academic Institutes
  • Individuals

To become member of this consortium, following google forms can be filled: link