XROS Projects

Speech to Speech Translation Project

Principal Investigator: Prof.Umesh.S of EE Department

Language plays a vital role in communication among people as well as in accessing information and building an inclusive society. India is home to 22 constitutionally recognized languages. English in spoken and written form is a grand technological challenge today.
Another important barrier faced by many Indians is the interface-barrier of reading, writing and typing when dealing with automated systems as we progress towards Digital-India. We believe that speech technologies along with machine translation will contribute in solving the above issue.

This XROS project aims to create a knowledge-based society by transcending the language barriers and providing the wealth of information available in the Internet in all languages of India, both in the form of speech and text.

Deliverables of the project are: 1) Analysis and ablation studies of various approaches and architectures on the
Speech-to-Translated-Text(S2TT), 2) About 80 hours of aligned data

OpenSource XR Engine

Principal Investigator Prof.M.Manivannan, IIT Madras.

India Needs its own XR Engine customized to its requirements. OpenSource XR Engine shall ensure 1) the privacy and security aspects are taken care., 2) meets the international standards in XR Developments such as OpenXR, OpenUIX, and OpenBCI, 3) supports the current hardware devices, 4) provides support for further development by interested members of the XR community in India.