Virtual Reality is evolving at a staggering rate. Some of the humankind’s most exciting tools and technologies are coming to the Virtual reality Space. One such technology which is taking over the VR world and making it more powerful is the VR haptics technology.

VR Haptics technology offers an extra dimension to the VR world by letting users feel the virtual environment via the sense of touch, in addition to visual and aural perception. It makes you feel truly immersive in the artificial world. Imagine yourself in a desert seeing the sand and feeling it glide under your feet as you walk.

It uses external devices like Gloves, Shoes, Joysticks, etc., via which users can receive feedback in the form of vibrations from these computer applications. This feedback provides physical sensations in the hand or other parts of the body. It also provides a realistic simulation of the movements and behaviors, similar to those realized in the real world.