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International project advocacy

India specific project advocacy to international companies will help in revenue. Advocacy projects help people tell their stories through pictures. The project advocacy provides support through fundraising, promoting international standards, designing a campaign or program, using social media and IT platforms and by strengthening the partner’s organization.

Research Requirements

Research is an important part of student’s graduate experience. Completing a thesis, writing a seminar paper, or the chance to work in the domain will prepare you for success and help improve your critical thinking skills. This involves thesis options and non-thesis options.

Product Services and Joint IP

The innovation center will create new technologies for the VR companies in India. The IP will be owned by both the companies and the center. The center will also help many startups to spin off, lend it space to be used for the startups and hold a small equity for the services. VR Skills training, and consultancy will be the most important services. These services can even be catered to state governments such as State sponsored training center.

Mentor Services

Mentoring India’s young entrepreneurs for generating next leaders in Virtual Reality. Conducting Hackathons, National competitions and ideating groups by mentors. The mentor services also include, Manufacturing and scaling.