Our Projects

VR is one of the exponential technologies which is growing and impacting many industrial sectors around the globe. The VR industry is rapidly changing, this has seen rapid transformation and adaptation in the COVID19-era. The demand for VR skills is ever increasing. Our projects are on Haptics in Virtual Reality and also in AR & MR. Similar to IT Corridor in many places of India, and “Defense Corridor” in two places in India, we aim to seed “VR Corridor” centered around IITM. The Indian government can shape the future of India by empowering its youth, through imparting market relevant skill training in general, specifically related VR. VR Corridor’s vision is to serve as a synergistic institution for transformational research in Virtual Reality that combines the expertise of eminent international faculty, industry experts, entrepreneurs, researchers, engineers and clinicians to innovate commercially viable solutions / technologies / products for the healthcare and defense sector in India.


Smartphone based NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Protocol) Training Simulator for training towards NMR (Neonatal Mortality Ratio) reduction. This software is freely available in Google Playstore searchable as “SmartNRP“, in five different Indian languages: Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi. Here you can view the same in your Chrome browser.

Here is the WebGL version of SmartNRP