About our Vision

Who we are

We are an innovation corridor that exists to support innovation in AR, VR & MR for IIT Madras projects and selected students in their pursuit to explore and guide to the journey of entrepreneurship. We are the catalyst who will accelerate growth, expedite the process, and envision a project or product to completion.

Whether you’re here to solve a problem by creating a business, or simply involved in learning about innovation more broadly, we’ll help you reach your desired destination, faster.

What we offer

We give a wide array of services to become the innovative power of individuals through a network of highly-curated tutors and advisors, peer-to-peer interaction, and inclusive resource and programming support.

What we believe

We firmly believe that wisdom paves the way for innovation, collaboration, and fitting together is vital as well. We also trust that by connecting like-minded people with shared goals and similar values, remarkable things happen. We believe in providing all the essential supports for innovation, including physical safety, transparency, empathy, compassion, connection, and the prospect for an inventive collision. We believe in revealing inherent value that can have a deep influence on marketplaces, on the world, and on the individuals who come across these doors. We also instill our belief, we can be our creators.