Opportunities – XTIC Research Partners

XTIC is established to bring a cohort of researchers and industries together to tackle diverse challenges in XR using other exponential technologies. From 3D modeling using AI/ML/DL to developing novel algorithms in XR for specific domain applications such as 

  • Automotive sectors, 
  • Architecture-Engineering-Construction Sector, 
  • Education Sector
  • Healthcare Sector
  • Skills Training Sector, 
  • Media and Entertainment Sector, 
  • Space Tech Sector
  • Ocean Tech Sector
  • Fintech Sector
  • Environment Sector

We invite exceptional undergraduates, researchers, industries, startups of all levels with an experience and passion for XR to join our ever-expanding team of researchers and make a positive societal impact through their research. XTIC boasts of a highly qualified team of researchers and support staff. The centre is well equipped with necessary infrastructure to lay down a conducive environment for the researchers. We currently work with different industries and government organizations to provide insights and solutions to various aspects of nation building.

  • XTIC-SP – Startup Partner
  • XTIC-IP –  Industrial Partner
  • XTIC-AP – Academic Partner
  • XTIC-RP – Research Partner
  • XTIC-IAP – International Academic Partner

To be involved in these initiatives, please send us your proposal on how you would like to solve an issue in XR. A typical template of the proposal would have the following information

  • Background
  • Problem Definition
  • Solution Proposed
  • Methodology
  • Significance of the project
  • Timeline
  • Future plan for the project, after the project duration.

The problem cab be addressed to either 1) XR Community, or 2) adding XR Solutions to general industries.

Send email to [email protected]